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Individual Assistance Application Instructions

Individual Assistance Application Instructions


The ESP International Charitable Foundation Employee Assistance Fund helps employees who are experiencing economic hardship and are unable to afford housing, utilities, food, clothes and other basic living expenses because of a natural disaster, a life0threatening or serious illness or injury, death or other circumstances beyond the employee's control. The amount awarded will be left up to the discretion of the committee. Grants from the Fund are intended for those employees who are most vulnerable to financial distress from an unexpected setback.


We encourage you to take the "Do I Qualify" self-test to determine whether you are eligible for a ESP International Charitable Foundation Individual Assistance Fund grant.


Assistance: The ESP International Charitable Foundation Individual Assistance Fund makes grants to help pay for basic living expenses when an employee experiences economic hardship caused by a qualifying circumstance. Circumstances that may qualify for a grant fall into four categories:


§ Natural Disaster § Life-Threatening or Serious Illness or Injury § Death § Catastrophic or Extreme CircumstancesAssistance applications will be reviewed as they are received.