Illness or Injury

The ESP International Charitable Foundation may help employees who are unable to pay for housing, utilities, food, clothing and other basic living expenses because of a life-threatening or serious illness or injury of the employees or eligible dependant. The Foundation is not a substitute for medical or other insurance, and it cannot pay deductibles or medical bills. Employees do not automatically qualify for a grant when they, or a member of their family immediate family, are diagnosed with or suffer a life-threatening or several illness or serious injury. There must be resulting financial need including an inability to pay basic living expense


What's Covered:


  • Medical expenses (not eligible for reimbursement by insurance)
  • Past due rent or mortgage payments
  • Property modification such as a wheelchair ramp
  • Limited hotel accommodations to accompany hospitalization qualified dependant
  • Past due essentials utility bills (electricity, heat, water, etc.)
  • Basic living expenses such as food and clothing


What's Not Covered:


  • Credit card, auto and other debts
  • Non-essential utilities (cable, phone, etc.)
  • Lost wages


Assistance Application/Vendors to be paid

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