Catastrophic or Extreme Circumstances

The ESP International Charitable Foundation may help employees who are unable to pay for housing, utilities, food, clothing and other basic living expenses because of a sudden condition or catastrophe beyond the employee's control. This may be a house fire, serious crime against the employee or eligible dependant such as violet domestic abuse, or another reported incident that the employee could not avoid or prevent. Catastrophic or extreme circumstances do not include credit card bills, home foreclosures, car repair, or accumulated financial distress


What's Covered:


  • Medical expenses (not eligible for reimbursement by insurance)
  • Temporary housing
  • Security deposit for new rental property
  • Essential utility bills (electricity, heat, water, etc)
  • Limited, short-term car rental
  • Basic living expenses such as food and clothing


What's Not Covered:


  • Credit card, auto and other debts
  • Non-essential utilities (cable, phone, etc.)
  • Lost wages Auto repairs or replacement
  • Furniture, appliances, electronics Insurance deductibles or insured property losses
  • Property repair, rebuilding


Assistance Application/Vendors to be Paid

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