The ESP Charitable Foundation is very excited to announce our 2018 Charity of th Year: Cedar Valley Humane Society!

CVHS was founded in 1901 and helps place thousands of animals into new adoptive homes and return hundreds of lost pets to their owners every year. They are not affiliated with any other agency or organization, and rely solely on private donations for everything they do. They are dedicated to building healthy relationships between people and animals, and eliminating cruelty, abuse and overpopulation of animals through education, adoption services and inspiring compassion for all living things. Serving Eastern Iowa (and primarily Cedar Rapids), they take in lost, abandoned, and owner-surrendered dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, ferrets, and mice.
You might recall seeing CVHS in the news in January. They took in ~1,200 small animals from a hoarding case in Vinton, Iowa. It has been a massive undertaking for the shelter, and they’ve managed to bring the animals back from a dire place of neglect and malnourishment. Through their efforts, they received legal custody of the animals and are preparing to find them loving, permanent homes.


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